Setting up network fail over

  • Login to the portal at
  • Click on Point my number
  • Click on the “Eye” icon next to the number that you want to create the failover divert for
  • Click on “+ Add call plan”
  • Create the below plan steps:

    In each of the Destination BB line you can enter the telephone number that you want calls to go to should your services be down or busy.  You should name these elements so that you know what they are (i.e. BBLine for broadband line / John Mobile for Johns mobile etc):
  • Click on VALIDATE to validate the Call Plan and fix any errors that are listed
  • Click on ACTIVATE to activate the Call Plan
  • Physically test the divert by disconnecting your PBX from the internet

Please note that you are unable to edit an active call plan so should you wish to make changes to an existing one then you will need to copy it to a new one and then change that and activate it once finished.   You can then delete the unused plan.