Grandstream Support available to the UK

Installation and project assistance

We supply, install, maintain and support Grandstream solutions across the UK and are our staff are Grandstream Certified.
If you require help installing a product / solution then let us know and we can take care of it for you.
We can provide internet / broadband services and VOIP / SIP Trunks which work with the Grandstream range of products.

Product support

If you have require support for a Grandstream product then please follow this process:

  • Contact the retailer where you purchased your product in the first instance.

  • If you purchased the product from us “Oak Technology” or would like technical support on a pay-per-case basis then contact us.

  • To discuss your issue / query with other Grandstream users and professionals visit the Grandstream Forum.

  • Log a support ticket with the Grandstream helpdesk by visiting Grandstream Ticket Support.